Get Job Hunting Down to a Science - a Piece of Advice from Dow Jones’ Brand Executive

This week we have the pleasure to have Liseli Sitali, Brand Marketing Executive for EMEA at Dow Jones, as a guest writer. You can find more information about her at the end of the post!

A well laid plan is essential for the success of anything that is done well in life and job hunting is no exception. To be successful in getting a good job let alone your dream job you need to be methodical about your approach.

So like any good scientist you will need to determine what success looks like before you begin and ensure that you have a step by step plan for how you will approach the application process because in today’s hyper competitive job market recruitment has become systematic. And as history suggests in order to succeed we must assimilate and adapt to systems in order to over come them.

To that end I have 4 pieces of advice to help ensure that you are successful at getting ahead in your career;

1) Plan who and what jobs you apply for. If you have a particular sector that you wish to work in make a list of the top 20 companies that you would like to work for in that sector and start your application from the top NOT the bottom of the list. Because let’s face it if you are given the choice of your top list of places to go to in the world you would not pick the bottom country would you?

2) Once you have established this list have a look at the positions that are on offer and if there are none of interest to you apply for a position that is even if it’s to ask to shadow the CEO for the day because getting your foot through the door in the hardest part.

3) Remember that like first impressions your first job will have a lasting impression on the rest of your career so accept job offers wisely. It’s better to be a Junior Marketing Assistant at a small sportswear company than a Sales Executive at a bigger company if your ultimate ambition is to be Head of Marketing at Nike. After all even Mark Parker (Nike’s CEO) had to start somewhere.

4) Never give up. If you don’t succeed the first time because most companies appreciate seeing an applicant who is not successful the first time around apply a second time round especially if you come back with more to offer so be persistent in asking and acting on feedback.

Best of luck in your future success!


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